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Klotz Digital is the inventor and global market leader of Digital Signal Processing and Distribution Systems for the modern Audio/Media Industry. At NAB 2001, Klotz made several exciting announcements including the purchase of Graham-Patten Systems, establishing their leadership into new markets.

Jalva Media boasts the highest quality and most extensive set of intelligent media provisioning and application solutions in the industry. This means that Jalva can supply streaming media and custom application software faster and more efficiently than you would previously have expected.

Verified Audit has provided nationally-recognized independent circulation audit and research services since 1951. The core businesses are developing custom research or standard reader verification for a variety of trade publications, evoking reliable information upon which to base informed media decisions.

Avica Technology Corporation has refined the technology of High Definition and Standard DTV still stores. Newly introduced broadcast features (time line functions with play list creation and playback sequencing) and network capabilities.
The latest products will make big impacts in the Digital Cinema stage.


Digital Difference has refined the techniques and equipment to provide a special environment for the Independent Filmmaker. If you need production information that will help you during post, or need after post connections, they will steer you straight. You may even decide to use them for your Audio and Video Post. Then you'll see the Digital Difference.

Dayang Image is a manufacturer of SAN-based NLE networks, as well as CG and 2.5D Virtual Reality Systems for news, talk shows, weather and sports coverage. Dayang has a 70+% market share in China, with more than 30 network installations On-Air and another 10 In Process. You can see their equipment at CCTV, BTV (Beijing), C3TV (Korea), Star TV (Hong Kong), or at this year's IBC.
IBC Press Release in pdf.

Doyle Technology Consultants are a service provider of technology implementation. The experience of decades of successful video and audio installations has given a unique vision of the requirements of the modern multi-media facility. First rate clients, such as Loudeye in Seattle and Santa Monica as well as unique facilities (a jet plane for example) are the hallmark of this terrific group of experts.
Doyle Completes Loudeye Santa Monica Facility Press Release (pdf)

 ednet provides trouble-free, high-speed networks to exchange high quality audio, video and multimedia communications within the entertainment industry. Production and post-production companies, advertisers, producers, directors, and talent avoid the hasstle of dealing with long distance carriers, regional phone companies, satellite operators, and major Internet Service Providers because ednet does it all for us.
Ensemble Designs
 Ensemble Designs creates digital video products that are used in broadcast, post production and telecine facilities around the world. Products include: digital switchers and keyers, video graphics I/O for computers, networkable framebuffers, TBC remotes, frame syncs, and convertors.

Graham-Patten is the world leader in the design and production of professional quality audio for video mixing systems. Located in Grass Valley, California, the firm's Emmy award-winning D/ESAM® digital mixers have earned Graham-Patten a reputation for technical innovation, product reliability and outstanding customer support. The Company offers two digital audio product lines: D/ESAM® Digital Edit Suite Audio Mixers and SoundPals® digital audio building blocks.

InnovaCom develops MPEG encoder and MPEG transmission devices such as the TransPEG 500 which puts Broadcast quality video over ATM and DVDimpact, a full-featured DVD Authoring System expecially tailored for the corporate marketplace.
eTech is assisting with distribution in Europe and the Americas.

NVISION was founded in 1989 to conduct research and development for the design and manufacture of digital processing equipment for High Definition Television. At that time, no serious market existed for advanced television systems, so focus was given to designs for digital equipment for the standard definition market. Now the broadcast video market is evolving and NVision is leading the world in development and implementation of HD Switching.
NVISION was recently purchased by ADC.

 Omneon logo
Omneon Video Networks
developes "Networking and Storage Solutions for Television and the Internet," providing networking and storage solutions for content producers and distributors in these converging industries. Omneon has created the Video Area NetworkTM, an integrated networking and storage platform.

TTS-Protel - Your Partner in Professional Audio, Video and AV Installations. Internationally Experienced - Deliveries to 80 Countries.

Xytech Systems produces, consults on and installs Media Asset and Work Flow Management Software for the Entertainment Industry, providing seamless integration of many business porcesses within and across company bountries.


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