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An Introduction to eTech International

Q1. What type of business do you have?
eTech International is a consulting group for companies in the entertainment and media technology fields.

Q2. What is the purpose of this business?
eTech International develops sales channels and provides support functions for companies who need to expand their business into the international markets.

Q3. What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence?
As "Your Partners In Global Success," eTech International delivers a complete international sales and support program developed
for high output
at reduced cost and
for eventual integration into our customer's corporate structure.

Q4. What is your reason for starting your own business?
  • We have seen an opportunity. Technology companies, particularly emerging companies, require a global business presence without the infrastructure normally associated with international activities.
  • And, just as the sales channel requires training to properly represent the product, the company often requires training to be a successful international trading partner.

Q5. What is your product or service?
eTech International provides sales channel and business development that creates growth in international markets where business is otherwise under-performing or non-existent. An international business strategy suited to our client's products, markets and available resources is developed and launched by employing our experience and associations with networks of competent sales and marketing professionals.

Q6. What are the most unique benefits of your product?
  • eTech International develops a global sales and business strategy that integrates with our client's overall business plan.
  • eTech International develops a global strategy that integrates the expertise of eTech's personnel and connections with our client's overall business plan.
  • eTech International develops a high quality image and business presence with a minimal infrastructure.
  • eTech International develops unique revenue sharing plans to keep start-up costs low.

Q7. Do you have datasheets, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press releases or other documentation about your product / service?
Initial promotional vehicles are the eTech International ( web site and the global marketing news letter.

Q8. What is the product application?
eTech's programs are intended for startup companies, product line launches and businesses with under performing global markets.

Q9. What led you to develop your product?
We see many companies, small and large, lose or mis-handle the opportunity that global markets provide. eTech International creates a plan for capturing this incremental revenue without risking present viability or future control.

Q10. Is this product or service used in connection with other products?
eTech's global partnership plans may be used to supplement an established company's existing business plan or be integrated with a plan for a new company or product line.

Q11. List the top three objections to buying your product / service immediately?
  • "We can do this ourselves."
  • "Start up costs for international business are too high."
  • "We want to wait until we get established in our domestic business."


Q12. When will your product be available?

Q13. Who is your target audience?
Our target customer is in the business of providing technology solutions to people in the entertainment content creation business. These include hardware and software products developed for production of audio, video and multimedia programs.

Q14. Who is your competition?
Our competition will emerge internally from:
  • Within our clients organization.
  • From a loosely organized and disparate set of independent factory rep companies in place by chance association. These companies provide sales and channel management relying on serving the needs of several clients at once.
  • From large consulting firm that provide business development programs.

Q15. How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?
  • We provide a focused effort that isn't diluted by needs of the established domestic business or company politics.
  • We provide a plan suited to our clients needs, going far beyond the sales and channel management function.
  • Our minimal infrastructure and overhead, along with focused activity allows us to delivery a better product at lower cost.
  • We will deliver a finished product to our client when they are prepared to assume management of their global business.

Q16. What is the pricing of your product versus your competition?

  • eTech's fee structure is based on our client's investment in global market development combined with the success of our program.
  • An internal international market development program carries the overhead of a company's operations along with the inherent politics and procedural obstacles that occur along the way.
  • We provide more value than the typical factory rep because eTech International actually develops a program for the client to take over at the appropriate time.


    Q17. Are you making any special offers?

    Q18. What plans do you have for advertising & promotions?
    • Our initial marketing plan includes the development of a web site and a primary corporate collateral piece. A key element of our business strategy limits our growth to our capacity to serve the client.
    • We will rely heavily on our network of global business partners for referrals, introductions and proposals to meet the needs of our prospective clients.

    Q19. How will you finance company growth?
    Initial growth will be self-funded from our operations. Future expansion would make use of strategic alliances and possible mergers to fund growth and expansion. Remaining independent is one of our strengths.

    Q20. Do you have the management team needed to achieve your goals?
    • Yes. Our principals, have all worked in this field for more than 20 years.
    • In addition, Account Managers and additional personnel are hired to actively oversee daily activities for each client's needs depending upon volume or production requirements.

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