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We'll help you up the steep part of the market development curve

The eTech API

eTech International develops Advanced Marketing Plans and Customized Marketing Techniques based on decades of experience in the media and entertainment technology fields. The fundamental eTech approach is based on our Management API, a unique mechanism to bring concepts to reality using the iterative cycle of "Analyze, Plan, Implement."

API is the next wave of management, both practical and theoretical. It is action oriented while encouraging full exercising of the staff's creative initiative and potential.

API is a 3-step program that includes comprehensive situation Analysis, strategic and tactical Planning, and complete Implementation. In reality, API should be thought of as APIA, because there is always an Analysis after each Implementation, which is the beginning of a new API cycle.

The API Comprehensive Marketing Plan
Company Audits
Market Analysis
Company Analysis
Product Analysis
Industry Surveys
User Surveys
Advertising Analysis

Strategic Business Planning
Strategic Marketing Plans
Tactical Marking Plans
Trade Show Planning
Adverting Planing
Advertising Plans
PR Plans
Staffing Plans
Sales Training Plans
Marketing Training Plans
Sales Support Plans

Interim Management
Sales Channel Development
Sales Training
Marketing Training
in-house Seminars
Trade Show Implementation
PR Services
Staff Recruitment

It is possible that there are people on your staff who are able to build an API for your current needs, perhaps even for your extended needs.
But will they be distracted from their other responsibilities, their other income generating activities? Will they be able to keep their interest on such focused activities while simultaneously taking in the broad view that establishing a new activity requires? There are other advantages in using a focused outside Management /Marketing group which we can detail when you call.
eTech's service activities act as an application programming interface, to establish or strengthen your coordinated business development plan, bring it to market and envelop it into your staff for continued implementation.
Business Development Services
Strategic and Tactical Planning
Interim Management
Board of Director Support

Distribution Services
Product Surveys
Network Audits
Major Market Distribution Networks
Convention Set-ups

Public Relations
Editor Services
Advertising Analysis
Advertising and Editorial Programming
Writing and Multi-media Products

Market development may be the most interesting part of a product or service evolution. The marketing cycle creates a client who understands the advantages and opportunity of your products - what it will do for them and their clients. The end result is desire for the product.

Adequate marketing will allow an opening for your salespeople. Excellent marketing will bring the client to your door.

In this era, multiple companies often have access to the same core technology, and often the same ideas. Management time is diluted by the constant search for money and new ventures. And while the paucity of engineers is well documented, no one has ever said there was a plerhora of good marketing, public relations and sales people.

But that is what we do. We provide services so that your good works are distributed and the news of your good works are broadcast to the opinion leaders and decision makers of your target audience.

There are two major divisions; Distribution Services and Public Relations.




Distribution Services


eTech has unique experience in markets throughout the world. Whether through a distribution network, or directly to the end user, our goal is to communicate a valuable business opportunity.

We are interested in building relationships for you appropriate to the situation and developing the bright ideas that will get the job done.

Our services include Interim Management, Channel Development, Channel Auditing, the establishment of Import and Service Networks and various aspects of Consulting.

Establishment of your new projects, done in the spirit of your company values, integrated into your infrastructure as it allows. That is the advantage of Management Level Outsourcing



Public Relations


Knowledge is power. You need your client as powerful as possible, to make the proper decisions.

The value of your product and services needs to be transmitted to your client and eveyone in the distribution chain. Enthusiasm is just as important as details.

Oversaturation of the new media has diminished the value of the new medias accessability
. But there are ways to analyse for value.

The talent and the experience of the eTech group is capable of making that analysis and determining its meaning. We then work with you to develop the best course of action, taking advantage of the assets available, and supplimenting those as required. Our expertise with magazines, the web, and with video and audio presentations can get your point into the minds that matter.

Coordinated with your other marketing goals, our PR Management Packages can be quoted on a Project by Project basis or can be all-encompasing set of Programs. Either way, your eTech team provides value.



Leadership is art and we have the experience


We enjoy the dynamics of working in our forte. We enjoy learning about the technology our customers use and studying the world environment that get to work in.

We look forward to working with you.
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