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Sales and marketing affects everything and is effected by many things.
Our professional lives revolve around regional plans, benefit-based consulting, and making sure your company programs fit the goals they were created for.
As this page evolves we will put international and regional news that will add to your decision making process.
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The December 2000 Newsletter
In addition to our own PR, there is interesting information.


Herb's Rants, Number One
Expert views are discussed, letting you know what you always suspected. Shhhh! Let everyone know.


Product is Finished - Let's Market!
A new Marketing campaign is being launched...


MEl producto está completado
Sites El producto está completado, pongámoslo en el mercado!


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Magic, Art and Science
We can't imagine an engineer, or engineering team, who designs a product without going through the process of...
Good Work, Well Done - It's the preparation...

Everyone seems very busy after NAB.

This could be good, no?
There are many companies who have dropped advertising and personnel. Executives say that they have lost their ability to forecast.

The people who are busy are the people who prepared well for the last expositiion. The best preparation was the creation and implementation of an attack plan to drive prospects into the booth, especially existing clients.
The experience of these last few shows drive home the reality of one thing...the successful show is the show that is well prepared for. All the work is done in advance. Meeting with the clients and distributors and press are all a walk in the park if they are well arranged in advance and prepared for.
Now, we would be the last people to tell you what to do. But if you think that there is a lack of time now to get all your normal tasks accomplished, perhaps it is time to think about Our-Sourcing part of your well laid marketing plan. And if it is not putting too fine a point on things, perhaps you would like us to help create that well laid marketing plan while we are at it.
We hope that all of your plans are going well. If we can assist you with anything, we keep a couple of time slots open just for emergencies. Write us or give us a call.

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